Find A Great Deal At Walmart

If you are always on the lookout for a great deal at Walmart then be sure to check out the Walmart Clearance page.  You will find everything from household items to electronics listed there.  I have found charging cables as low as 0.01 on the Walmart Clearance page!  Sometimes a "glitch deal" is misrepresented when someone shares a "great deal".  It's not their fault, it's simply a misunderstanding.  A glitch deal occurs when there is some type of error on the price when you go to purchase an item at a store.  You may have seen this before... an example would be you buying a toy that is $19.99 but when you go to checkout it rings up just $9.99 or any other lower price than the price listed for the item.  That lower price is an error in the system.  It could be that someone keyed the price into the system wrong or the system didn't read the bar-code correctly.  Whatever the reason, CONGRATULATIONS .. you found a glitch!  Be sure to share your glitch with other members of the Glitch And Deals Community .  At some point that deal will be a dead deal because the store will have become aware of the glitch in the system.  So the faster that glitch is shared the better!  Glitches are rarely a listed price.  More often than not, the listed online prices are just a "great deal".  If you find a great deal we would love for you to share those with everyone as well!  Everyone needs a great deal :)

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