Amazon's Top 20 Toys 10-21-17

Have you ever seen a toy just come out of nowhere and then all of the sudden it is the most popular thing out?  Glitch And Deals watches sales trends to find the newest up and coming products so that you can stay ahead of the rush.  Let's talk about fidget spinners for a minute.  One day ... what's a fidget spinner, 1 week later there are your kids ... in your face... MOM ...MOM...MOM... can I have a fidget spinner .. please ... please ... please ... please .. You get the idea!  So, today I am going to try and help you guys out.  Below I have gathered products from our Amazon affiliate that have shown the highest jumps in sales over the last couple of days.  Don't say you weren't warned ... Get yours before they are gone!  Happy Hunting!  #GlitchAndDeals

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