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OK, So over and over again there has been posting in our Glitch And Deals Community Group on Facebook regarding this app/site.  So what is it and how does it work?  Google Express is a one stop shopping site.  It has all of your major retailers and allows you to shop multiple places with one checkout.  That's great!  It provides Free Delivery for purchases that exceed $25!  You can create shopping lists and it allows you the ability to shop by voice, app or even the website.  The best thing about Google Express is that it is Free to join!  You can give someone your referral code and they will receive $10 towards their first purchase but YOU will also receive $10 for the referral who try's it.  This is borderline pyramid style which is a violation of Facebook policy.  I in fact have my own Google Express code (I earn and you earn link) and haven't posted it on Facebook for this reason.  I know CRAZY right!  I would like to keep our group in tact.  Here is a direct link to Google Express without a referral code (I don't earn and you don't earn link).  This link will provide you with the ability to shop but will not offer you $10 unless you refer someone else.  Google Express also offers great deals for limited amounts of time.  Right now there is a Google Home Mini that is reduced to just $29 from $49 but you also get $25 to spend at Walmart on Google Express.   It really is worth taking a look at.  Several deals and ease of shopping, however; when you get your own referral code ... PLEASE DO NOT POST IT ON OUR SITE .. I enjoy chatting with you guys and seeing what kind of deals you find and share!

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